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Now available for order and download, Surrender, the latest release from Clarence Spady, is a strikingly personal collection of nine tracks, including seven original compositions. A retrospective of his life and career, this pivotal release bridges the challenges of a past plagued by addiction with the bright promise of a blossoming future.  A 12-page collectible booklet of musical history, photos and song information is included with each CD.

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Not one to hide from the mistakes of his past, nor to let his guard down long enough for those demons to return, Clarence Spady was inspired to write “Surrender” after one of his daily recovery group meetings held at a local church. The theme that morning was surrender. At the conclusion of the meeting, he sat down at the piano, and the initial seeds were planted. Music journalist Bill Dahl says, “With the release of the emotionally charged ‘Surrender,’ Clarence Spady reclaims his place as one of the fieriest and most intense blues guitarists and vocalists of his generation.”

Clarence pays spectacular tribute to his longtime friendship with the late keyboardist/guitarist on his brand-new version of Lucky’s bone-chilling “When My Blood Runs Cold,” which Peterson premiered on his 2000 CD "Double Dealin’."  Spady first heard him perform the song at a club gig in New York City. “Lucky was sitting down playing,” remembers Clarence. “I said, ‘Man, I like that chord progression!’ And he sang ‘When My Blood Runs Cold.’ And it ran cold in my veins, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!”



The dynamic cowriting combination of Spady and William "Wes" Weller returns with another thought-provoking, infectious tune that is sure to captivate listeners old and new alike. This upbeat single will become part of Spady's next album on Nola Blue Records, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his chart-topping release, Surrender.