Clarence has been described as "the future of the blues" (Bill Dahl, Chicago Tribune). He plays with depth and sensitivity, effortlessly combining blues, jazz, funk, latin and rock into his own unique style.  His moving guitar play, rough street-edged vocals, songwriting, and live improvisations are highlighted with every performance.



When My Blood Runs Cold

Clarence Spady

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Clarence pays spectacular tribute to his longtime friendship with the late keyboardist/guitarist on his brand-new version of Lucky’s bone-chilling “When My Blood Runs Cold,” which Peterson premiered on his 2000 CD "Double Dealin’." Spady first heard him perform the song at a club gig in New York City. “Lucky was sitting down playing,” remembers Clarence. “I said, ‘Man, I like that chord progression!’ And he sang ‘When My Blood Runs Cold.’ And it ran cold in my veins, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!”

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The Story of Clarence Spady and Lucky Peterson ...

 It doesn’t happen often. 

Two musicians sharing some of the same influences and idiomatic interests—in this case, blues and soul--forge a special unbreakable bond that elevates them both to a higher plane. That’s exactly what transpired whenever Clarence Spady shared a stage with Lucky Peterson. Blue sparks flew every which way and the walls trembled as they wildly urged one another onward and upward, soaring to artistic heights that neither could have anticipated. 

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